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H.O.A. Imports website is, currently, a work in progress. In the meantime contact us calling 949-244-9747 or e-mailing us at horacio@hoa-imports.com.

2018 finds us, as always, pursuing our commitment to bring people together within the Street Performance World.

Like in previous years Subaru is the core of our activity but now we are branching toward other automotive brands like Ford (Fiesta and Focus), EVO, BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, Lotus…

In addition to our traditional Epic Engineering Suspension for Subaru and HOA-3 Port Boost Control Solenoids  we represent, now, Tomioka Racing Turbochargers and its comprehensive line of automotive products; Prodrive GT Wheels for Subaru; Team Dynamics Wheels for most domestic and foreing cars; Rally Innovations Light  Bars for Subaru, EVO and Ford vehicles.

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HOA Imports, Inc.




HOA Imports, Inc. offers:
Prodrive GT1 Alloy Wheels for Subaru – Team Dynamics Cast and Forged Wheels for a wide range of cars – Epic Engineering Suspension for Subaru- Tomioka Racing Turbochargers, Exhaust, Engine and Transmission Components –  HOA 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid – Rally Innovations light bars – Motul –



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HOA Imports, Inc.