ASM has quickly become the dominant leader of Honda S2000 tuning. By utilizing the best manufacturing procedures matched with their extensive racing knowledge, they continually uphold their title of the fastest NA powered car at the annual Tsukuba Time Attack challenge. The ASM product line consists of a wide range of parts for Honda S2000, Nissan 350Z, Mini Cooper, BMW E46, as well as their own ASM Limited Recaro seats.



ASM-AP100001AP1/2I.S.Design Front Aero Bumper -04Dry Carbon3150.00
ASM-AP100002AP1/2I.S.Design Front Aero Bumper -04FRP1695.00
AP1/2I.S. Design Front Aero Bumper GT-10FRP1895.00
ASM-AP100161AP1/2I.S.Design Front Lip Spoiler -07Wet Carbon1130.00
ASM-AP100162AP1/2I.S.Design Front Lip Spoiler -07FRP850.00
ASM-AP100163AP1/2I.S.Design Front Canard -07FRP850.00
ASM-AP100136AP1/2I.S.Design Front Brake DuctWet Carbon565.00
ASM-AP100181AP1/2I.S. Design Air Intake DuctWet Carbon450.00
ASM-AP100003AP1/2I.S.Design Front Aero Fender -04Dry Carbon?L3360.00
ASM-AP100004AP1/2I.S.Design Front Aero Fender -04Dry Carbon?R3360.00
ASM-AP100005AP1/2I.S.Design Front Aero Fender -04FRP?L960.00
ASM-AP100006AP1/2I.S.Design Front Aero Fender -04FRP?R960.00
ASM-AP100164AP1/2I.S.Design Front Inner Fender BracketsFRP L/R425.00
ASM-AP100182AP1/2I.S. Design Fender ArchesFRP Set of 4850.00
ASM-AP100007AP1/2I.S.Design Side Aero Spoiler -04Dry Carbon?L1575.00
ASM-AP100008AP1/2I.S.Design Side Aero Spoiler -04Dry Carbon?R1575.00
ASM-AP100009AP1/2I.S.Design Side Aero Spoiler -04FRP?L635.00
ASM-AP100010AP1/2I.S.Design Side Aero Spoiler -04FRP?R635.00
ASM-AP100165AP1/2I.S.Design Side Aero Spoiler -04Wet Carbon L705.00
ASM-AP100166AP1/2I.S.Design Side Aero Spoiler -04Wet Carbon R705.00
ASM-AP100011AP1/2I.S.Design Front DiffuserDry Carbon6170.00
ASM-AP100012AP1/2I.S.Design Front DiffuserFRP1840.00
ASM-AP100013AP1/2I.S.Design Rear Carbon DiffuserDry Carbon3415.00
ASM-AP100187AP1/2I.S.Design Center DiffuserDry Carbon5905.00
ASM-AP100169AP1/2I.S. Design Center DiffuserFRP + Core Mat2260.00
ASM-AP100014AP1/2I.S.Design Aero BonnetDry Carbon3740.00
ASM-AP100015AP1/2I.S.Design Aero BonnetDry Carbon?FRP2,500.00
ASM-AP100016AP1/2I.S.Design Aero BonnetFRP1695.00
ASM-AP100021AP1/2I.S.Design Rear Over FenderFRP?L210.00
ASM-AP100022AP1/2I.S.Design Rear Over FenderFRP?R210.00
ASM-AP100124AP1/2I.S.Design Rear Aero BumperFRP?Type-S1695.00
ASM-AP100125AP1/2I.S.Design Rear Aero BumperFRP?Type-T1695.00
ASM-AP100167AP1/2I.S.Design Rear Aero Bumper -07 NarrowFRP1695.00
ASM-AP100184AP1/2I.S.Design Rear Aero Bumper -08 WideFRP1695.00
ASM-AP100017AP1/2I.S.Design Rear Wing GTDry Carbon3940.00
AP1/2I.S. Design Rear Wing GT-05Dry Carbon4390.00
ASM-AP100183AP1/2I.S. Design Rear Wing -08Dry Carbon3545.00
AP1/2I.S. Design Rear Wing GT-09 + Reinforced Trunk SetDry Carbon10500.00
ASM-AP100132AP1/2Ducktail SpoilerDry Carbon790.00
ASM-AP100168AP1/2Ducktail SpoilerFRP425.00
ASM-AP100026AP1/2Dry Carbon Bonnet3490.00
ASM-AP100027AP1/2Dry Carbon FenderL2625.00
ASM-AP100028AP1/2Dry Carbon FenderR2625.00
ASM-AP100029AP1/2Dry Carbon Trunk2495.00
ASM-AP100030AP1/2Dry Carbon DoorL5380.00
ASM-AP100031AP1/2Dry Carbon DoorR5380.00
ASM-AP100032AP1Dry Carbon Front SpoilerAP1760.00
ASM-AP100033AP2Dry Carbon Front SpoilerAP2760.00
ASM-AP100101AP1/2Bonnet Damper645.00
ASM-AP100035AP1/2Polycarbonate Side WindowL1875.00
ASM-AP100036AP1/2Polycarbonate Side WindowR1875.00
ASM-AP100037AP1/2Acrylic Side WindowL650.00
ASM-AP100038AP1/2Acrylic Side WindowR650.00
ASM-AP100138AP1/2I.S.Design Tow HookFront570.00
ASM-AP100139AP1/2I.S.Design Tow HookRear570.00
ASM-AP100152AP1/2I.S.Design Tow Hook Ver.2Front320.00
AP1/2I.S. Design Duralumin Tow Hook SetFront & Rear A7075 CNC Duralumin2,500.00
AP1/2Short Antenna65.00



ASM-AP100046AP1/2Floor MatSilver Sisal/Red Stitch470.00
ASM-AP100112AP1/2Floor MatRed Sisal/Red Stitch470.00
ASM-AP100047AP1/2Rear Tray MatKrone250.00
ASM-AP100143AP1/2Center Console CoverSuede Black w/Red Stitch450.00
ASM-AP100150AP1/2Center Console CoverSuede Black w/Black Stitch450.00
ASM-AP100052AP1/2Center Console CoverSuede Red w/Red Stitch450.00
ASM-AP100053AP1/2Shift BootLeather Black w/Red Stitch270.00
ASM-AP100055AP1/2Hand Brake GripLeather Black w/Red Stitch450.00
ASM-AP100160AP1/2Center Arm RestEDEL Leather450.00
ASM-AP100178AP1/2Racing Steering Wheel BossAluminum/Brass525.00



ASM-AP100110AP1/2S-Special Exhaust 70mm -08Stainless Steel?70? piping2100.00
ASM-AP100110RAP1/2S-Special Exhaust 70mm -08 RenewedStainless Steel?70? piping1300.00
ASM-AP100135AP1/2S-Special ExhaustTitanium 70?3600.00
ASM-AP100060AP1/2S-Special ExhaustType-T (Dual) Stainless Steel2250.00
ASM-AP100185AP1I.S.Design Siren Circuit ExhaustStainless Steel?60? piping4500.00
ASM-AP100190AP2I.S.Design Siren Circuit ExhaustStainless Steel?60? piping4500.00
ASM-AP100173AP1/2Exhaust Manifold -07Stainless Steel1920.00
ASM-AP100063AP1/2Exhaust Manifold -04Stainless Steel1920.00
ASM-AP100141AP1/2Ram Air Cleaner BoxWet Carbon4500.00
AP1Throttle Body IS-0970? inlet - 65? outlet900.00
AP2Throttle Body IS-0970? inlet - 65? outlet900.00
AP1/2Pulley KitTensioner & Idler Only500.00
ASM-AP100099AP1/2Radiator Plate for Mugen IntakeAluminum200.00
ASM-AP100171AP1/2Radiator Plate for Mugen IntakeWet Carbon350.00
ASM-AP100098AP1/2Radiator Plate for ASM IntakeAluminum200.00
ASM-AP100115AP1/2Street Oil Catch TankAluminum200.00
ASM-AP100116AP1/2Circuit Oil Catch TankAluminum555.00
ASM-AP100175AP1/2Oil Filter Bracket75.00
ASM-AP100149AP1/2Radiator Overflow TankAluminum350.00



ASM-AP100111AP1/2Driveshaft SpacersAluminum510.00
ASM-AP100192AP1/2Drexler LSDMechanical10500.00
ASM-AP100159AP1/2SRE Metal Clutch Disc720.00
ASM-AP100191AP1/2SRE Organic Clutch Disc750.00
AP1Stainless Mesh Clutch HoseTeflon Coated Stainless Steel150.00
AP2Stainless Mesh Clutch HoseTeflon Coated Stainless Steel180.00



ASM-AP100186AP1/2AP Racing Brake Kit -084pot Caliper, Strap Drive Disc9600.00
ASM-AP100188AP1Stainless Mesh Brake LinesTeflon Coated Stainless Steel450.00
ASM-AP100189AP2Stainless Mesh Brake LinesTeflon Coated Stainless Steel525.00
ASM-AP100142AP1/2Sports Suspension Kit by AragostaF:12kg/mm R:10kg/mm6360.00
ASM-AP100158AP1/2SRE 1-Way Dampers -07F:12kg/mm R:12kg/mm9000.00
ASM-AP100146AP1/2SRE 2-Way DampersF:12kg/mm R:12kg/mm14250.00
ASM-AP100176AP1/2SRE 3-Way DampersF:12kg/mm R:12kg/mm18000.00
ASM-AP100193AP1/2Front Adjustable Stabilizer Bar3 Step Adjustable450.00
ASM-AP100194AP1/2Rear Adjustable Stabilizer Bar3 Step Adjustable450.00
ASM-AP100117AP1/2Front Tower Bar GTStainless Steel810.00
ASM-AP100154AP1/2Front Tower Bar GT -ShortFor Bump Steer Bracket810.00
ASM-AP100140AP1/2Rear Tower Bar GTStainless Steel750.00
ASM-AP100148AP1/2Front Lower Arm Bar GTStainless Steel810.00
ASM-AP100155AP1/2Front Lower Arm Bar GT -ShortFor Bump Steer Bracket810.00
ASM-AP100157AP1/2Rear Lower Arm Bar GT-SStainless Steel825.00
ASM-AP100092AP1/2Front Lower Arm BarAluminum250.00
ASM-AP100095AP1/2Rear Lower Arm BarAluminum165.00
ASM-AP100093AP1/2Floor Ladder BarAluminum555.00
ASM-AP100153AP1/2Rear Reinforced SubframeSteel2850.00
AP1/2Rear Reinforced Subframe GT-10Steel3900.00
AP1/2Front Bump Steer Bracket 20mmAluminum265.00


350Z / 370Z

ASM-Z330001Z33I.S. Design Aero Bonnet -07Dry Carbon3940.00
ASM-Z330002Z33I.S. Design Aero Bonnet -07FRP1695.00
ASM-Z330003Z33I.S. Design Front Aero Bumper -07FRP1695.00
ASM-Z330004Z33I.S. Design Front Canard Set for Aero Bumper -07FRP565.00
ASM-Z330005Z33I.S. Design Front DiffuserFRP1840.00
ASM-Z330006Z33I.S. Design Wheel Arch Fin SetFRP960.00
Z33Front Tension BarStainless Steel975.00
ASM-Z330007Z33SRE 2-Way DampersF:10.7kg/mm R:10.7kg/mm14250.00
ASM-Z330008Z33Saclam Exhaust Manifold VQ35HRStainless Steel4305.00
18000-NZ1-K000Z33Saclam Siren Circuit Exhaust SystemStainless Steel3380.00
18000-NZ2-K000Z34Saclam Siren Circuit Exhaust SystemStainless Steel4145.00



ASM-AP100156ASM I.S. Design Sticker Sheet35.00
ASM-AP100126I.S.Design T-ShirtXL & XXL Only35.00
ASM-AP100103Genuine S2000 Seat StandR330.00
ASM-AP100104Genuine S2000 Seat StandL330.00


Recaro ASM Limited

Recaro RS-G ASM Limited Seat1900.00
Recaro RS-G ASM Limited SeatBlue1900.00
Recaro RS-G ASM Limited CL SeatLeather / Alcantara3580.00
Recaro RS-G ASM Limited SeatAlcantara3080.00
Recaro RS-G ASM Limited Ruby Seat2800.00
Recaro TS-G ASM Limited Seat1900.00
Recaro SP-G III ASM Limited II Seat1735.00
Recaro SP-GN ASM Limited SeatAlcantara3995.00
Recaro SR-III ASM Limited Seat1265.00
Recaro SR-6 ASM Limited Seat1735.00
Recaro SR-6 ASM Limited SeatBlue1735.00
Recaro SR-7 ASM Limited Seat1730.00
Recaro SR-7 ASM Limited SeatBlue1730.00
Recaro SR-7 ASM Limited Ruby Seat2800.00
Recaro SR-7F ASM Limited Seat1730.00
Recaro SR-11 ASM Limited Seat2500.00
Recaro SR-VF ASM Limited1265.00
Recaro SP-JC ASM Limited Left SeatCool Leather4430.00
Recaro SP-JC ASM Limited Right SeatCool Leather4430.00
Recaro SP-DC ASM Limited Left Seat4430.00
Recaro SP-DC ASM Limited Right Seat4995.00
Recaro ASM Limited Seat Side ProtectorsLeather / Red Stitch150.00
Recaro ASM Limited II Seat Side ProtectorsASM Logo, Leather / Red Stitch160.00
Recaro ASM Limited II Seat Back ProtectorASM Logo, Black185.00


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