Team Dynamics
Best of British Engineering and Design… Team Dynamics is a premier producer of alloy wheels for street and competition use. There most popular wheel is the “Pro Race” range which is manufactured to minimize weight and then heat treated to maximize strength to meet the demanding needs of race teams throughout the world. They also offer the “Pro Rally”, one of the strongest and lightest rally wheels on the market. Team Dynamics are an approved supplier to: Aston Martin, Lotus, VW Audi, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota…..

Pro Rally

FOR COMPETITION USE – Classic design for gravel stage rally wheel, features cooling windows whilst solid centre helps keep stones out of brake calipers.

SizeOffsetPCDMin PCDMax PCDWeight
15 x 6.0e12-49mm4 & 5 stud98mm120mm17 lbs
15 x 7.0e23-53mm4 & 5 stud98mm120mm17.5 lbs

Pro Race 1.2/1.3

High performance application and big fitments that require a super light alloy wheel is what Pro Race 1.3 was designed for. Dedicated motorsport fitments, track day specials and high end road usage, this is exactly what the professional and enthusiasts need.

SizeOffsetPCDMin PCDMax PCDWeight
13x7.0e15-35mm4 stud98mm114.3mm10 lbs
17x9.0e05-18mm4 & 5 stud98mm120mm20 lbs
17x9.0e40-45mm4 & 5 stud98mm120mm20 lbs
18x8.5e15-52mm4 & 5 stud108mm130mm24 lbs
18x10.0e15-65mm4 & 5 stud108mm130mm26 lbs
19x8.5e15-52mm4 & 5 stud108mm130mm28.5 lbs
20x9.0e15-45mm4 & 5 stud98mm120mm32.5 lbs

Pro Race 1.4G (Forged)

16” & 17” wheels designed for Lotus Elise, Exige and 2 Eleven Models. These are the lightest forged alloy wheels on the market.

Ideal for road racing and track days giving the driver extra feel and steering response by decreasing the vehicles un-sprung weight.
SizeOffsetPCDMin PCDMax PCDWeight
16x7.0e31mm4 studLotus Fit100mm12 lbs
17x8.0e38mm4 studLotus Fit100mm17 lbs


Complete luxury, a simple yet beautiful multi spoke wheel, the Equinox comes in high quality paint and stainless steel rim. A  massive amount of applications, including stagger fits. Is available 17″ to 22″ offering fitments no others can.

SizeOffsetPCDMin PCDMax PCD
17x7.5e37-45mm4 & 5 stud98mm120mm
18x8.0e15-50mm5 stud98mm120mm
18x9.0e15-45mm5 stud98mm120mm
19x8.5e15-45mm5 stud98mm120mm
19x9.5e15-45mm5 stud98mm120mm
20x8.5e38-45mm5 & 6 stud98mm120mm
20x9.5e37-454 & 5 stud98mm120mm


A dynamic multi spoke wheel designed specifically to enhance Jaguar and Land Rover Freelander vehicles. The machined face and black bolted rim give this a distinctive and aggressive look on any car.

SizeOffsetPCDMin PCDMax PCD
20x8.5e49mm5 stud 5x108mm 5x108mm
20x9.5e32mm5 stud 5x108mm 5x108mm


This sexy ‘Y’ Spoke design has been born into the new decade with modern styling. Covered cap centre giving extra security and more versatility for stock holding. It is an exquisite looking alloy wheel which compliment any modern vehicle.

SizeOffsetPCDMin PCDMax PCD
17x7.5e37-45mm4,5,8,10 studAllAll
18x8.0e35-45mm4,5,8,10 stud All All
19x8.5e35-45mm4,5,8,10 studAllAll

Le Mans

New for 2011 the Le Mans wheel is meticulously finished in either Matt graphite with a polished face or hi-power silver.

The perfect accompaniment to enhance the look of any vehicle

SizeOffsetPCDMin PCDMax PCD
17x7.5e35-45mm5 stud100mm120mm
18x8.5e35-45mm5 stud100mm120mm
19x8.5e35-45mm5 stud100mm120mm
19x9.5e35-45mm5 stud100mm120mm